How it Works (Quick tour: click the pics!)

  1. Sign up with Facebook, if you haven't already

    Click the big orange button to log in to our site through Facebook.

    We ask for permission to send you email and access your information when you are not logged in to Facebook. We need the second permission so we can show your name and picture on your page. We collect email so we can notify you when good things happen on your page.

    Don't worry, we will never post anywhere on your behalf unless you explicitly tell us to.

  2. Fill out three form fields. It takes 30 seconds, literally!

    The first two fields tell your friends what you are collecting money for and why it is important to you. The more detail you provide, the more likely your friends are to get behind you and donate.

    The third field is important, it is the paypal email where your friends will send money. Fill it out carefully!

    We at Skip the Gifts believe that anything that fuels your love or passion is a worthy cause. You can collect for a non-profit, to help a friend, or even to help yourself.

  3. Share it!

    Once you are done filling out the three fields, click the orange button to see your donation page. You will be looking at a special owner's view of the page.

    Click to see a sample donation page that you don't own.

    Use the buttons on the page to tell your friends about the page.

    Don't forget to do this! Remember, we have pledged to never post anything on your behalf so you must tell your friends to come see your page.