Welcome, nonprofits! Let us help you make some extra money this year.

Why should I use Skip the Gifts?

  1. No risk.
  2. Extra funds.
  3. Minimal effort.

Of course, you have passionate people who contribute to you whenever they can. But times are hard and spare money is short.

Skip the Gifts allows your supporters to channel gifts towards their favorite non-profit organizations. They can use Skip the Gifts to declare to family and friends on social networks that they would prefer cash donations to gifts. The thought behind the gift is preserved, no one is spending any extra money and the burden is low all around.

How do I use Skip the Gifts?

  1. Set up a paypal account. It's easy, and non-profits get a discounted rate from paypal.
  2. Send an email to your fan base asking them to consider donating to you on their next big occasion. They will create a Skip the Gifts page with your paypal email as the place to direct funds to.
  3. Sit back and watch the extra money roll in.

If you need help with setting up any of this, just shoot us an email at teju@skipthegifts.com and we will jump on it.