The Story, Jan 6, 2011

I originally wrote Skip the Gifts in April 2010 for my daughter's 
first birthday party. She already had clothes and toys galore and 
while I wanted to celebrate her (and our) first year, I did not want 
to deal with more stuff. I planned to give the money we collected to 
an orphanage in Bangalore which does great work with kids.

Anyway, we ended up skipping the party altogether and taking her to the 
Grand Canyon to celebrate. I did not need the site anymore.

This holiday season, when media started reporting that non-profits needed 
more money and exhorted people to donate instead of gifting, I thought 
this site made perfect sense. So I launched it.

And here we are. Check out a short video about Skip the Gifts below.

Teju Prasad 

Dec 21,2011

It's the season of giving. 

A gift entails so much more than stuff. I wanted to preserve and
acknowledge the finer qualities of a gift while getting rid of
the aspect of actual goods exchanged. That's why you can declare
the gift that you would have liked to give your loved one.

So this season, please consider forgoing those red and green stockings
(that you really wanted!) and collect for a cause of your choice. People
send money to your paypal account instead of giving you a gift and 
you donate it as you please.


Teju Prasad 

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